The Dixons | Engagement Story
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Engagement Story

Her Story

There we were, the day after Christmas, packed in Jonathan’s Silver Hyundai Sonata full of Christmas gifts and random “stuff,” heading back to Austin, Texas. Jonathan called the days after Christmas and before the work week our “extended Christmas”  and we were going to use those days to kick back, relax and be adventurous all at the same time.  


Early that afternoon, we got back to Austin and Jonathan surprised Alexis with a beautiful day at the spa. It was great! Plus, after the massage was over, Alexis left with a surprise goody bag that included fresh roses and beauty products from the owner.


Next stop, Alexis home. Before she could get settled in good, Jonathan told Alexis to “put on a nice dress and get ready for dinner.”  She threw on a sleek black dress. Tossed her hair into a high bun. Packed her bags.  Then we headed straight to Jonathan’s spot to finish unloading and get ready for dinner.  


Jonathan took Alexis by the hand, and said “do you trust me?” She said, “of course.” Then, he blindfolded her before before they walked to the car.  He told her that he wanted their destination to be a surprise.  And it was. Alexis assumed they couldn’t be going far considering she had to wear the blindfold.  Twenty-five (25) minutes later she asked if she could take off the blindfold, of course  Jonathan said “yes,” and to Alexis’ surprise, they were in the middle of nowhere. Driving down a highway, with nothing in sight other than green exit signs.


Shortly after the blindfold came off Alexis saw a sign which indicated they were heading to San Antonio.  Jonathan made reservations at the award winning Bohanan’s Steak House on the River walk.  After dinner, they walked around for a “minute” to look at the beautiful downtown scene near the riverwalk. That “hot minute” was real short when a gust of wind and a light drizzle blew in. Needless to say, due to the wind, drizzle and the time of night we quickly looked for hotels nearby to stay the night.


Jonathan drove literally across the street, to a hotel called the “Valencia Hotel Riverwalk”; Alexis was unaware that Jonathan had already booked a room there.  They walked upstairs and entered the room.  Rose petals covered the walkway and the entire floor of our suite.  Alexis, after getting over the initial shock of the beautiful set up, was eager to see what view they had from the balcony.  She opened the balcony door and was greeted by Christmas lights dangling from the trees, a view overlooking the river, rose petals in the shape of a heart on the ground, champagne on ice and chocolate covered strawberries.  In pure disbelief, she turned around to see her man on one knee asking her to be his wife.  Alexis without a doubt said “YES!!”

His Story

She said, “YES!!” Next question? 🙂